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Winter Ziplines are available for online bookings Fridays-Sundays. If you are interested in going ziplining Monday-Thursday please call the Out’n’About Treesort office at 541-592-2208 to check for availability.

The Big Zip Adventure

The Original Treehouse Ziplines Adventure, designed for the zip newbie and pro zipper alike! This course is a guided adventure including 7 different ziplines: a fitting cable to get comfortable in your harness, and then three sets of 2 cables, starting low and slow, with each cable set getting higher and faster, allowing you to progress your skills as you progress through the course! This Course features our Big Zip Tree, flying into and out of it at multiple heights, and ending with our fastest cable The Big Dipper. Has the option to add The Canopy Cables extra.

Prices and Requirements
$100 per person for The Big Zip Adventure, a $50 per person deposit is required to book, the remainder is due at the end of the adventure. 2-person minimum to open a timeslot. Minimum age of 4 years old, minimum weight 40lbs, and maximum weight restriction of 250lbs.

The Canopy Cables

Keep the fun going with this add on to The Big Zip Adventure, which includes a little half cable to get you back into the trees and then our highest cable Akillheels at 70ft up, our longest platform to platform cable British Airways at 670ft long, and our longest cable at 800ft Fly’n-J which lands you back on the ground at the Zip Office..

Prices and Requirements
$50 per person for The Canopy Cables add on due at end of adventure. Minimum weight 60lbs, and maximum weight restriction of 250lbs.

The Outback Adventure

Traverse through the trees on this scenic and lofty adventure; offering the opportunity to travel one long connected system of ziplines and skybridges. Where the big zip adventure is all about progressively bigger and higher zips with short hikes between each cable set. The Outback Adventure is all about getting up in the trees and staying there. Includes Ground School (3 ziplines), and one connected system of 2 skybridges and 3 ziplines.  Has the option to add the TreeVersal Extree which continues on directly from the end of The Outback Adventure without returning to the ground.

Prices and Requirements
$100 per person for The Outback Adventure, $50 per person deposit due at the time of booking, the remainder is due at the end of the adventure . Minimum age of 4 years old, minimum weight 40lbs, and maximum weight restriction of 250lbs.


The Treeversal ExTree

For those who found their inner squirrel and want continue their traverse further through the trees. The TreeVersal adds 3 more skybridges, Logan’s Way, one of our highest and longest platform-to-platform ziplines, and a belayed 50ft rappel back to Earth.

Prices and Requirements
$50 per person for Treeversal ExTree add on due at end of adventure. Minimum age of 4 years old, minimum weight 60lbs, and maximum weight restriction of 250lbs.

Tarzan Swing

This 55 ft. pendulum swing will send you on the ride of your life! You will get two back-to-back turns, hold on tight while we pull you up, then let go to ride this thrilling and electrifying swing.

Prices and requirements

60lbs minimum weight requirement. No maximum weight restriction provided you can appropriately fit into a zip harness. $30 dollars per person for two swings. Swings must be taken back-to-back and are nontransferable. The swing can also be added to the end of either zipline adventure for only $20 per person.
*There is a 4-person minimum to book only the Tarzan Swing.

What to expect:

We allow three hours to complete our adventures (including all additional activitrees) but time varies from one to three hours depending on the number of participants and how many activitrees each participant chooses to complete. The Mountain View Zipway includes two hikes for a total of approximately ¾ mile. Stay hydrated! Summer months can be HOT. Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable and they’re here to help everybody have a ziptastic time. We just ask that you leave all the gear up to them.

What to bring:

Dress for the weather but please wear closed-toe shoes and make sure your shorts are at least knee length to avoid chafing from our harnesses. If you have any medication you may need (inhalers, EpiPens, insulin, etc), we ask that you bring those things with you and we will provide a secure pouch for stowing at height. You’re welcome to bring a camera; we recommend wearing something with a secure pocket to keep your camera secure when you’re not using it.


**Rules and Regulations**

~All of our activitrees have a maximum of 8 guests Monday-Thursday, and 12 guests Friday-Sunday.

~There is a 2-person minimum requirement to book an adventree.

~Minimum Weight and Age Limit: 40lbs and 4-yrs old for The Big Zip Adventure, 50lbs minimum for The Outback Adventure. 60lbs weight minimum to continue onto either Canopy Cables or Treeversal Extree.

~Maximum Weight Limit: 250lbs

~Minimum Weight Limit on Tarzan Swing: 60lbs

~All participants MUST be weighed on our scale to participate on our ziplines or swing*

~Release Waivers: All participants must sign a liability release before partaking in any adventures.  Unless you are a registered guest at Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort, you are required to Fill out E-Waivers before your zip tour. These are Emailed to you after booking your activitree.

~We cannot take anybody ziplining who is pregnant

Deposit Required:

There is a required prepayment of $50.00 per person to hold your zipline reservation.

Cancellation Policy:

If you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will forfeit your prepayment ($50/person) in full. If you need to cancel for any reason please do so with more than 48 hours notice and we will happily refund your full deposit.

As a courtesy to our Treehouse Family, registered Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort guests only need to provide 24 hours notice for cancellation.

Class time changes:

If you must change your class time with less than 24 hours’ notice, there will be a $20 fee. Please note that if we are fully booked and we cannot fit you into a different time slot, we can NOT move your scheduled time. If you are going to be late, please call us as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate to the best of our ability. If you do not call and do not show up on time, we will assume you are a no show and your payment will be forfeited, so please call. We do our best to get our tours out on time however, special circumstances may cause tours to run late by up to a half hour.

Absolutely no pets please!